A Lovecraftian Point'n'Click Adventure

Inspired by the real Regrets of Dying

A Room Beyond is a dark fantasy point and click adventure game inspired by literature, art, games and movies in the genre of Victorian horror fiction. A novel story of crime, mystery and life-philosophy is told in five episodes which finally reveal into a complete story line.

2.5D Pixel Graphics

The game’s graphic resembles a retro pixel mosaic style which stimulates players’ imagination through abstraction. Additional realtime 3D elements are used for smooth animations and to create light effects.

Contemporary Story

Inspired by the real top 5 regrets of the dying, a dark, but colorful crime story is told in third-person perspective. Players dive into a fantasy world built upon elements of spirituality, occultism and life philosophy.

Simplified Controls

Thanks to extreme simplification of controls it is easy to play A Room Beyond. Just point and click with your mouse to interact with the environment.

5 Episodes to discover

Episode 1

“The Goldwasher and his Wife”

  • Help the inhabitants of a mysterious forest to get on the tracks of a unseen menace that creeps through the fog. 
  • Dive into the atmospheric world of the game’s storyline
  • Easy to learn point and click control
  • Inspiring combination of Pixel Art and Low Poly 3D
  • Engaging sound ambience and music
  • Multiple languages supported

Free to play Demo on PC and Mac!

Episode 2

“An unusual Profession”

  • Find a god-fearing monk who may help you to fight the Wanderer and his deadly evocations.
  • Explore the ruins of an haunted monastery
  • Fight and cooperate with 50 critters and creatures
  • Dive into story branches using dialog trees with topics of choice
  • Exclusive atmospheric soundtracks by Spencer Bambrick

Included in Bundle!

Episode 3

“The Voice from the Deep”

  • Discover the secrets of an ancient demonic cult on a deserted island. 
  • Explore hidden treasures over and under water! 
  • Experience changing weather effects 
  • Meet Cthulhu in this Lovecraftian adventure! 
  • Includes 7 additional Steam Achievements

Included in Bundle!

Episode 4

“The Cat in the Mirror”

  • Guide 7 mysterious cats through steamy marshlands
  • Use portable light sources to reveal what is hidden in the dark
  • Look into magic mirrors that can teleport yourself to remote places 
  • Join additional challenge Mushroom Hunt to earn extra credits 
  • Includes 7 additional Steam Achievements

Included in Bundle!

Episode 5

“The Wolf and the Lamb”

  • Discover a haunted mansion full of mysteries
  • Finally reveal the mystery behind the whole story
  • Use special skill "Transcendent Night Vision" to discover hidden secrets
  • Includes 7 additional Steam Achievements
  • 10 different endings, depending on your decisions in the whole game

Included in Bundle!

Grab a copy and discover the full saga!

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